dissabte, 13 de març de 2010

EUROPA Playlist 13/03/10

SUICIDE COMMANDO - Come Down with Me,
NOISUF-X - White Noise (bunker edit),
AGONOIZE - Bloodqueen,
CLUBDIVISION - The Cleansing (Jump Ahead mix),
ROPPONGI INC. PROJECT - Temporary Evacuation,
DE_TOT_COR - Surrender (Soman remix),
KATASTROSLAVIA - Complety Normal,
UNTER NULL - Numb to Forget,
IAMX - The Great Shipwreck of Life (Pull Out Kings remix),
X-DIVIDE - Sympathy (NamNamBulu remix),
SHAOLIN - More bass in all Frequencies,
FADERHEAD - Tanz Zwo Drei Vier,
MANTUS - Sturm.