dissabte, 25 de setembre de 2010

Europa PLAYLIST 25/02/10

FUNKER VOGT - Arising Hero (Faderhead remix),
X-FUSION - Leave no seed,
SITD - Stammheim,
AESTHETIC PERFECTION - Living the wasted life,
AADF - Under your spell,
X-RX - Feel the fucking bass,
EXTINCTION FRONT - Destruction show,
ELECTRIC BREATHING - Kill her dreams,
FADERHEAD - The way to fuck God,
FABRIKC - Klangaktiviert,
REAPER - Dirty cash,
TRÜMMERFRAU - Gimme all ya juice baby!,
MONO INC. - Two Sinners (Combichrist remix),
BENEVA vs CLARK NOVA - 88 Kilos of excrement.