dissabte, 5 de març de 2011

Europa PLAYLIST 05/03/2011

DIE SEKTOR - Divide to dust,
X-FUSION - Shadow of myself (club mix),
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Beneath the rebble (remix by Combichrist),
THE RABID WHOLE - Collapse (mix by Sebastian Komor),
FELIX MARC - Digital love (Room 805 remix),
DAFT PUNK - End of Line (Basic Slack Midnight Cheap mix),
XENIA BELIAYEVA - Mind damage,
SOMAN - Waste (X-RX remix),
END:theDJ - Fires on the shore (Shiv-r remix),
PROJECT ROTTEN - Embraced by flames (ES23 remix),
ROBOTSMITH - Always fighting,
EDREDON - Sopena.

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