dijous, 9 d’octubre de 2008


Europa: Hi Daniel! First of all, Europa must congratulate you for "A Violent Emotion"!! Amazing album.
Daniel Graves: Thank you very much. It was a long process to finish it and I'm glad it's done!

E.: You're on tour thru US with Imperative Reaction and SITD. Do you like being on tour? Do you use to spend time visiting the city where you play that night?
D.G.: The last couple weeks have been a really great time. Everyone gets along really well, which is important when you're stuck on a bus together. Unfortunately, though, we haven't had any time to see the cities were playing in. The schedule is really tight and so all anyone ever sees, is what is visible through the tour bus windows and the inside of the clubs.

E.: How is the audience reacting to your new songs? And how has been the media/DJs reaction with "A Violent Emotion"?
D.G.: It's funny because I'm not playing a lot of old material. Outside of "Fix" every track I'm playing is new, so I was kind of concerned about people not responding to tracks they don't know. As it turns out the new songs are received better than "Fix". Who knows? Maybe I'll toss "I Belong to You" in the mix and see how it compares to the new stuff. And about media responses... I have no idea, because I haven't had time to go online and read people's opinions. Outside of one person on Last.fm who said the record was terrible and mediocre, I've got no idea what you people think of it.

E.: In our site, we see "A Violent Emotion" as one of the top3 albums of 2008. You spent a long time working with it... Do you wait until "you have the perfect Aesthethic Perfection song"?
D.G.: No. I hate everything I do the second it's finished. I usually come up with a certain part of a song and then just obsess over it for about 6 months. I change shit around, add new stuff in, take stuff out. When it begins the song is just a complete mess of random ideas that I try to piece together. In the process of writing I'm very excited about the music and I listen to it constantly. But the second the work is done, I'm finished with it and never want to hear it again.

E.: I guess you're tired of the question: How do you decide which song is going to Necessary Response and which to Aesthetic Perfection... So, we're not going to ask. Do you like sport? Do you practice any sport?
D.G.: I actually hate sports. It reminds me of being in school and being forced to play shitty games with all the other kids. I do exercise, though. There's 1 part of me that loves eating healthy and staying fit and the other part loves ruining the first part with a lot of drinking and self-destructive behavior. I'm still alive, so I think I've got a good balance going on.

E.: Are you going to do an European tour after North-America? Any plans for Spain?
D.G.: I will definitely tour Europe in 2009. The exact details like with who, where, how and when are still unclear. I would love to see Madrid, I've never been there.

E.: You moved from California to Austria. Do you think the German scene is what a band/project needs to success? I mean, is it "easier" here? Like it is "easier" to be a punk-rocker in California?
D.G.: That's a hard question to answer. At the end of the day the largest scene for this kind of music exists in Europe. How much actually moving there helped me, I don't know. I decided to move there for a lot of reasons. It's not something I would recommend someone to do in order to become a rock star, though.

E.: Can you complete the list of the top3 three albums of 2008?
D.G.: I'm sorry, I can't put my own music in any top list. But thanks for thinking of me in yours! [Europa put "A Violent Emotion" in number 1, and Daniel Graves erased it]. Not sure if these albums were released in 2008 but they have been my favorites during the last year: 1- Moving Units - "Hexes for Exes" 2- The Faint - "Fasciinatiion" 3- genCAB - "II transMuter"

E.: Any last comments for our readers?
D.G.: Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

E.:Thank you so much Mr Daniel Graves! Necessary Response and Aesthetic Perfection is the music that Europa likes. Much success to your new "A Violent Emotion"!