diumenge, 7 de setembre de 2008

Europa interviews DEN.C.T.BUG

EUROPA: Hallo DEN.C.T.BUG! First question is something never asked to you before: what does "DEN.C.T.BUG" mean?

DEN.C.T.BUG: It’s a newly coined word that allows everybody to put own impressions and feelings in it while listening to our music. We wanted a word free of preconceptions, images and emotions, so we conceived a word not existing before. Besides that, DEN.C.T.BUG sounds just good.

E.: Were both of you (Kim and Markus) involved in other music projects before DEN.C.T.BUG?

DCTB: No, DCTB is our first music project. But Markus used to play keyboard and I worked as a DJ at parties. So we both always dealt with music in some way.

E.: In August 2008 you've released your second album, "Deutschstunde". What is the public/media response so far?

DCTB: The reaction on „Deutschstunde“ is immense. Our limited edition (digipack with sticker) was sold out after two weeks. We shipped the album all over Germany and in other European countries. Now we still offer the normal edition of the album in jewelcase, but we are thinking about a re-pressing. Furthermore the album is available at well-known download sites worldwide. But we haven’t got any information concerning the numbers of download yet.

E.: Some define your music as "Rammstein meets Electro"... I think cause Kim's voice is very similar to the popular Rammstein singer? How would you introduce your music to those who still don't know DEN.C.T.BUG?

DCTB: DCTB sounds like DCTB! No, seriously, we make music as we like it ourselves. Surely, you can recognize influence of VNV Nation, Frozen Plasma, Suicide Commando or Haujobb, but it’s more a hint than just a copy.

E.: In our opinion, DEN.C.T.BUG has nothing in common with Rammstein. You have got a particular sound which emerges from a vast and saturated dark-electronic-scene... Do you use the voice as an important element in your songs? Have you got plans to sing in another language (not German)?

DCTB: It’s nice to hear this. And yes, we consider my voice as an important part of our songs. In addition to the instrumentation the vocals improve the recognition of our music. I’m sometimes thrilled to scream over Markus’s harmonic sound arrangements with my low voice. It’s a contrast, like yin and yang, but together it makes a harmonious ensemble. We have no plans to release songs with English vocals in the future. Therefore my English is not good enough. And I’m able to express myself much better in German.

E.: Some of your songs ("Nachtzug" and "Straftäter") have appeared in compilations. Do you think that these (free and paid) compilations help newcomer projects to get popular?

DCTB: Such compilations provide the opportunity for newcomers to present themselves to a wide range of listeners. In my opinion, “Nachtzug” released on different samplers has helped us to arouse not only interest in “Straftäter” but also in the album “DEUTSCHSTUNDE”.

E.: Now that Deutschstunde has been released, do you have plans to play live?

DCTB: In fact we have been booked for some gigs so far. Mid-October we will play live in a small club in Bavaria and in July 2009 we will perform our music at the Dungeon Open Air in Northern Germany.

E.: Any plans for visiting Spain? :)

DCTB: It would be a pleasure for us visiting Spain, but there are no invitations so far.

E.: To end this interview, not writing about music, what do Kim and Markus do in their free time?

DCTB: Markus and I like BBQing J …. not only in the summer time! I like riding my motorbike to feel the breeze and freedom. If it’s getting to cold for that I prefer reading German writers, e.g. Siegfried Lenz, Rainer Maia Rilke, but also Goethe and Schiller. Besides the music, Markus’ loves cooking and his espresso-machine.

E.: Any last comments for our readers?

DCTB: Thank you for reading this interview. Maybe we will meet in Spain someday. By then I’m going to practise my pronunciation: “Buenas tardes! hola! Somos los DEN.C.T.BUG de Alemania!”

E.: Thanks DEN.C.T.BUG for answering all this. Much success to your "Deutschtunde". Vielen Dank!